Personalized Tech Services -

How I can Help You

As Always:

At your Home:
Set up an appointment with Elder Connection for Robert to drive out to your home and provide individualized support and gently-paced instruction for your computer needs.

*Internet, Email
*Making the computer
*Word Processing
*Software Programs
*Digital Camera
*Virus Shield, Spyware
*Simple Excel Spreadsheets

*Set up of a new computer, move files from old computer to new

*Windows Updates

*Back-up Important Data


*Facebook Starter

*Tablet Starter

Text Box: From your Home: 
Give your kids a break- call me- this is what I do...
For calls or emails 
not stemming from or 
leading to a home visit:
$40/hour with a $10 minimum
Text Box: New: From your Home:
Tech Support/Remote Assistance

It is very amazing - we hook our computers through the Internet and at home on my screen, I view your screen and can make adjustments, give instructions, lead you through changes - all while you sip on some tea and watch the mouse move around. We're on the phone at the same time so you can explain your needs and I can explain what I am doing. My ability to access your computer is limited to a set time and you can always interrupt the process. 
$40/hour with a $10 minimum

To contact us: