While my main service is going to people’s homes, I also offer other convenient modes of computer support and instruction.

Cost- Fair/Reasonable

$60 for first hour

then prorated at $55/hour for subsequent time - One hour minimum

same rate for over two Decades!

Home Visits for Individuals & Families


$40 per hour with a $10 minimum

Email and Phone Tech Support

$40 per hour with $10 minimum

Temporary hook-up of your computer to mine through the Internet while I talk with you on the phone.

Remote Assistance through Internet

Text Box: It’s all relative…for similar support services:
The Geek Squad® charges $159 per hour
FireDog® charges $159 per hour
PcPinpoint®  charges $99 per hour
Plum Choice®  charges per $119
4th Dimension Computer® charges $89 per hour with 
	additional one- way travel time at that rate
for other in-home services
In-home Massage - approximately $100/hour
How about a plumber? 
I just paid at the rate of  $90/hour for a young electrician - including their travel time - and lunch time which I didn’t get a charge out of!
I think you get my drift….

Who you gonna call?

Give your kids a break

and phone or email us instead. Clear, understandable,

 never condescending!

No one does it better!

My main business- coming to your home for computer support and instruction.

Total convenience!

Personal checks and/or  cash accepted - sorry,

no credit cards